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High school students face the country's biggest exam


14:38, June 08, 2012

BEIJING, June 7 (Xinhua) -- Sitting in the sun beside the gate of the Experimental High School attached to Beijing Normal University, a man surnamed Zhao was talking to his wife about lunch plans for their daughter, who is taking the national college entrance exam at the school.

In order to better take care of their daughter, Zhao and his wife took three days off and decided to accompany their daughter to the annual exam, the largest of its kind in the country.

The exam, which falls on June 7 and 8 every year, is regarded as a "make or break" test for most students, as it is the primary factor affecting the course of their post-primary education.

At the school gate, more than a hundred parents were waiting just like Zhao, sweating and fanning themselves, as the early June sun was bearing down hard.

Zhang Chunli, who works at a scientific research institute, also took some time off to accompany her son to the exam. She waited outside, nervously checking her watch.

"My son has decent grades but he still felt nervous. He had some trouble sleeping last night," Zhao said.

"My son has been feeling a lot of pressure, especially during the last year of preparations for the exam," Zhang said, adding that she hopes to take her son on a vacation after the exam is over.

A police car and motorcycle were parked at the school's gate to prevent emergencies from disturbing testers. Staff from the police station, located across the street from the school, provided scores of seats with beach umbrellas to parents waiting for their children.

Paper cups, drinking water and medicine to prevent sunstroke were also provided by the police to the waiting parents.

Businessowners have jumped at the chance to take advantage of the exam. Travel agencies and tennis clubs distributed advertisements to waiting parents, hoping to secure their business after the exam concludes.

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