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Classic costume becoming chic for graduates

By Tong Hao (China Daily)

13:35, June 02, 2012

Dressed in traditional uniforms, students from Nanjing University pose for graduation photos. Such styles of photos are popular among graduates now. [Photo by Lang Congliu / for China Daily]

College graduates posing for photos in baccalaureate gowns are always a sight on campuses in early summer in China.

Perhaps even more eye-catching than them, though, are their classmates in traditional costume.

Zhou Jing, a female student who will receive a diploma from Ginling College of Nanjing Normal University this summer, decided to pose for her graduation photos wearing a costume students often wore between 1911 and 1949.

"I saw a picture online of that time and I thought the costumes were very beautiful and represented knowledge and wisdom," Zhou said. "So I planned to pose for my graduation photos in that costume."

The costume she wore for graduation consisted of a sky-blue coat and black knee-length skirt.

"I also said my classmates should pose for these types of photos, and they all agreed," she said.

They rented 36 costumes from her college for 20 yuan ($3) each a day. Before donning them and stepping in front of the cameras, they had already had photos taken of themselves in baccalaureate gowns.

The photos they posed for on May 26 were the subject of praise and admiration and even attracted the media's notice.

"I just wanted to have a good way to remember wearing the costume, and had never thought our pictures would become popular," Zhou said.

Chen Jing, a student counselor at Nanjing University, said she has seen many students wearing traditional costume in recent days as they pose for graduation photos.

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