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More mainlanders admitted to Taiwan's post-graduate programs


08:27, June 01, 2012

TAIPEI, May 31 (Xinhua) -- A total of 329 Chinese mainland students have been admitted to postgraduate programs at Taiwanese universities this year, 81 more than last year, island authorities announced on Thursday.

Taiwan's university entrance committee for mainland students said 299 mainlanders gained admission to masters degree programs in 34 universities while 30 others were enrolled on doctoral degree programs in 14 higher education institutions.

Once again, the island's prestigious Taiwan University topped the list in terms of the number of mainland students it enrolled (86).

The island's total postgraduate program vacancy quota prescribed for mainland students amounted to 575 this year, 246 of which were not filled, adding to signs that the restrictions imposed over mainland students by Taiwanese authorities have undermined mainlanders' interest in pursuing education on the island.

Taiwan formally opened its doors for local universities to enroll mainland students for bachelor-or-above degree studies in 2011 but imposed a portfolio of restrictions, including a conditional recognition over mainland medical study diplomas, allocating no scholarships or fellowships for mainland students, and banning mainland students from seeking employment or sitting exams for civil servants in Taiwan.

Hong De Chang, secretary-general of the committee, said this year's increase in the number of admitted mainland students was a positive development. However, Chang expressed hope that the island's authorities would further relax the restriction, facilitating the universities' bids to attract more talented students.


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