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Quake evacuation video gains popularity online

By Fang Jiangtao and Shi Yi (China Youth Daily)

16:06, May 31, 2012

Edited and translated by Li Kunlun, People's Daily Online

A six-minute-long video showing students' calm evacuation with help of teachers in Tangshan during the earthquake which struck the city on May 28 gained popularity quickly.

Liu Zhongshan, the headmaster of the school in the video, hoped that more people, especially educators would attach importance to emergency refuge during earthquake.

All teachers directed the students to protect their heads and squatted when they realized an earthquake rattled the city at 10:22 a.m.

About half a minute later, when the earth was no longer shaking, teachers organized students to quickly evacuate. Students evacuated from the classrooms without congestion.

Beginning in 2008, Tangshan municipal bureau of education required all the schools to organize an emergency evacuation drill within one month after the start of each semester.

"One or two earthquakes were felt in Tangshan almost every year. Due to the historical and practical reasons, schools attach considerable importance to earthquake, fire and other emergency drill," said Zheng Xiangjun, spokesman of Tangshan municipal bureau of seismology.

Read the Chinese version: 唐山一学校6分钟地震应急避险视频走红网络


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