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Test cheating target of new initiatives

By Liang Yiwen (Shanghai Daily)

09:42, May 24, 2012

Authorities have tightened security measures to prevent cheating on the upcoming college entrance exam, which will continue to see a drop in the number of test takers.

About 55,000 people in the city have applied to sit for the national college entrance exam to be held in June, 6,000 fewer than last year, the Shanghai Educational Examination Authority said yesterday.

The number of test takers has been cut by almost half in the past six years, mainly caused by a demographic change resulting in fewer high school graduates. Meanwhile, increasing numbers of graduates are studying abroad, contributing to the drop in test takers.

Nevertheless, exam authorities have improved facilities to crack down on fraud in the upcoming exam, after the leak in the most recent national entrance examination for postgraduate studies.

All local test centers will be equipped with surveillance cameras and covered by radio monitoring devices for the first time this year to prevent high-tech cheating.

Authorities have also specified tougher punishment for violations. The rules are made to guarantee the authenticity of the national test, a defining, once-in-a-lifetime moment for university-bound Chinese students.

"The Ministry of Education emphasizes test takers' integrity this year," said Liu Yuxiang, deputy director of the Shanghai Educational Examination Authority.

Under the new rule, cell phones will be banned, and students carrying them will be deemed as breaking the regulation whether they use them to cheat or not. In the past, carrying a cell phone was permitted as long as it was powered off.


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