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Chinese language builds bridge between China, Russia


08:08, May 23, 2012

MOSCOW, May 22 (Xinhua) -- Paulina Karimov, a curly-haired Russian girl with a smiling face, was explaining the lucky number in Chinese culture to the judges.

"The number 'eight' in Chinese has the same pronunciation with the verb 'enrich', that's the reason it became a lucky number. Am I right?"

Wearing a gorgeous red Chinese gown, the young college student impressed the judges with her decent Mandarin, quick mind and large "database" in Chinese culture.

Karimov is one of the 25 students from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk and Far East regions who took part in the Chinese Bridge contest on Sunday.

Hosted by Chinese National Hanban or Confucius headquarters and Moscow State Linguistic University, the three-hour competition in a concert hall had roused storms of applause and cheers from college students, gray-headed local people and toddlers in front of the stage.

Karimov's Chinese teacher said she had once performed on the stage of the Chinese Spring Festival Gala with Dashan, a well-known Canadian proficient in Chinese.

The girl has been to China for several times and was fascinated by the Chinese culture "the first time she arrived there." However, due to fierce competition, she failed to enter the final contest, which will be held in Beijing in July.8 Alexander Sboyev, 22, the champion of the contest, performed tongue twister, Chinese crosstalk and a sitcom with his teammates.

By imitating cartoon figures from the popular Chinese series Happy Sheep and Gray Wolf, Sboyev, who had been to China for many times, won the hearts and minds of the audience and judges.

Sboyev will join the top winners of the competitions in other countries for the semifinal and final contests in Beijing.

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