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College lessons in attracting foreign students

By Zhang Yue (China Daily)

09:52, May 19, 2012

Ghanaian student Tweneboah-Koduah Priscilla Akosua learns Yueju Opera, which is popular in East China, at Jiangsu University in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, last week. YANG YU / FOR CHINA DAILY

Nankai University, one of China's most prestigious universities, will have some of its most popular degree courses taught in English in the coming semester to attract more foreign students.

The courses are about Chinese society, politics, culture and economics given by more than 20 Chinese teachers.

"We want to attract more students from European countries as well as the United States by teaching in English," said Li Dan, who works in the Tianjin-based university’s office for international academic exchanges.

Giving courses in English for international students has been a good way for Chinese universities to attract more foreign students.

Tianjin Medical University, for example, has offered courses in English for international students since 1997, and has established a medical practice exclusively for international students, all in English. More than 1,200 international students have graduated from the university.

The University of International Business and Economics in Beijing held 10 job fairs for its international students last year, and just last month set up a Foreign Students Career Advisory Center.

"We are trying our best to attract more international students as a source of revenue for the university, and to enhance our university's international reputation," said Li Yong, head of the university's Foreign Students Career Advisory Center.

Li said that the 2,900 international students studying at the university bring more than 40 million yuan ($6.3 million) to the university every year.

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Fat-Chun Leung Ki at 2012-05-20188.61.105.*
If things go on like this, adopting English at the expense of Chinese, China will soon become a cultural colony of the English like Hong Kong where Chinese becomes a second language at best. If you speak Mandarin, you run the risk of some Hong Kongese do not understand you. Similar trends also seem happening in Taiwan. Some people say that everything English (foreign) smell better. You buy your grocery in foreign supermarkets, you eat McDonald and KFC, you love foreign cars, you buy brand-names in foreign shops etc. Many olderly people may still remember, there was a song (歌谣),mostly sang by the young who loved their country, it was called "到处都是USA". That"s why so many people joined Mao"s army for his patriotic stand against foreign invasion.

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