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Teacher spends savings on awards

(CRI Online)

08:34, May 18, 2012

One of the awards possessed by Du Weixin. (Guangzhou Daily)

Du Weixin, a fifty-year-old primary school teacher, has spent all of his savings that exceed 100,000 RMB purchasing awards over the past 17 years, Guangzhou Daily reports.

Since 1995, Du Weixin has spent half of his earnings for his hobby. After covering his basic living costs and the medical costs of treating his mother, Du spent the remainder of his money on purchasing awards.

"Currently, I'm in charge of more than 100 social positions, including the positions of curator, headmaster and honorary professor," Du Weixin said quite proudly.

Du's desire to purchase awards began quite unexpectedly in 1995, when one of his poems was granted an award on the condition that he paid 200 yuan. The avid poet was overjoyed after receiving the news and did not hesitate to pay the money. From then on, he was obsessed with buying awards. He continued receiving similar offers, all of which required him to pay money in order to receive the awards.

Because of his love for poetry and his desire for recognition, Du has had to change his job several times. But nothing could change his fondness.

"He is alone because no other colleagues want to be around him. The students are also dissatisfied with him. He lives in his own world, writing poems, and no one can make him snap out of it," said the headmaster of Shangju Primary School, where Du Weixin currently works.

Du's father-in-law is disappointed but does not know how to save Du from his obsession.

Du Weixin has so far purchased more than 130 national awards and has a further 70 minor awards.

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