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List ranks colleges by prominent alumni

By Cheng Yingqi (China Daily)

08:18, May 18, 2012

China's top colleges have become a breeding ground for the wealthy, with more than 1,500 billionaires appearing in an alumni-ranking list released on Wednesday.

The list was released by, a website that provides services for college graduate associations across the country.

Based on research since 2003 on the careers of alumni of China's leading universities, the website ranks universities according to the number of their graduates who have become billionaires, top scientists, political leaders, and other prominent figures.

Tsinghua University won the title of "the cradle of billionaires", with 84 super rich who studied there - and who have a combined wealth of 300 billion yuan ($47.4 billion).

Besides rich people, Tsinghua produced 49 political leaders, the highest number among the 30 universities on the list.

Nevertheless, Peking University ranked first. Though it produced fewer billionaires and politicians, it fostered 182 social scientists and 144 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences or the Chinese Academy of Engineering - compared with Tsinghua's 18 social scientists and 141 academy members.

After Tsinghua University and Peking University, the list showed the figures from 28 other universities with successful alumni, including Renmin University of China and Fudan University.

Zhang Ming, a professor at Renmin University of China and an education columnist, said the rich alumni reflect trends in the society.

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