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Fingerprint-storing passports issued

By Wang Huazhong,Shao Wei  (China Daily)

09:52, May 16, 2012

Du Zhendi, 22, who graduated from Beijing International Studies University this year and is pursuing further education in Moscow, leaves her fingerprint while applying for an e-passport at the exit-entry administration of Beijing public security bureau on May 8. Fitted with a chip containing the holder's name, photograph and fingerprints, the new e-passport began to be issued nationwide on Tuesday. (Wang Jing / China Daily)

Chinese applicants began to receive new digitized passports on Tuesday.

More than 38 million Chinese have private passports and the number is expected to increase 20 percent annually, according to the Ministry of Public Security.

More than 90 countries have already adopted such passports.

The new passport complies with international standards - incorporating a digital chip that stores the holder's name, birth date and photo.

It also contains scans of the bearer's fingerprints.

The owner's signature will be scanned to print on the passport, instead of being written.

Police added a number of updated technologies and materials to raise the anti-fraud features of the passport.

Experts said digital passports will facilitate police work and help fight crime.

Wu Xinming, a professor with the foreign policing affairs department of the Chinese People's Public Security University, said biological features would identify criminals or terrorists who are in disguise or using false names.

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