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Peking University celebrates 90 years of archaeology


15:36, May 09, 2012

In 1922, the Laboratory for Archaeology was established.

Peking University is the first university in China to begin offering archaeological education and research. In 1922, the Laboratory for Archaeology was established. To celebrate its 90th anniversary, Peking University has held a special ceremony and a grand exhibition of archaeology.

Peking University boasts one of China's best collegiate archaeological departments. Its 90th anniversary attracted many famous scholars all over the world, including archaeologists from Oxford University and National Academy of the United States.

An exhibition was held at Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology, showcasing its achievements in archaeological research over the past nine decades. The art on display includes bronze, jade, pottery, and other artefacts dating back to each of China's dynasties.

Wang Weihua, association research fellow, said, "There are bronzes unearthed in Shanxi Province, and bones of primitive human beings dating back to Paleolithic age."

Researchers at Peking University found that this bird-shaped bronze statue unearthed in Shanxi, dates back to the Jin Dynasty, some 1,500 years ago. Over the past near century, researchers in Peking University have unearthed and collected over 10 thousand objects. These relics span a period of 280 thousand years, from Paleolithic remains to present-era treasure. They plan to continue making contributions to the protection of Chinese cultural relics.


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