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National education not 'brain-washing'

By Wang Ping (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

08:04, May 09, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Due to the lack of the education on national conditions, the government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region proposed in 2010 to add courses of the national education and moral education into required courses of the elementary and middle school. According to the plan, it will be implemented in 2012, but this has triggered fierce disputes.

National education is an international common practice

The so-called "national education" is fundamentally equal to the "patriotic education." Some politicians and scholars are afraid that the national education will "report only good news," and therefore it will not make students know real national conditions and even turn into "political brain-washing."

It is not that only China has the national education. Long Ziming, the founding chairman of the Hong Kong Youth Exchange Promotion United Association, said that, according to a foreign research report, the countries that stipulate the obligation to give the national education to citizens in constitutions had increased from 43 to 139 during the 100 years between 1870 and 1970.

In the current world, attaching great importance to the national education is an international common practice. For example, the United States is a country thinking highly of the national education. Many elementary and middle schools in the United States hold national flag raising ceremony and playing the national anthem every day.

France's national education emphasizes the outstanding traditions of the French nationality, highlights the glorious achievements made by France in various historical periods, and praises all the unique points of France so that it could foster French people's national pride and self-respect. National educations of other countries, such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Russia, all foster the youths' patriotism and national pride in a similar way.

In fact, most people of the education circle of Hong Kong support the national education.

According to a survey of 2011, 80 percent of the teachers supported the government's national education courses. Supporters said that the national education is not a monster but connected with citizens' sense of belonging to a country, sense of responsibility and sense of citizenship identity.

It is obviously unreasonable to call the national education "fooling the people" or "brain-washing." Some scholars in Hong Kong said that the national education is connected with not only the education but also the development of Hong Kong. If people of Hong Kong do not know their country, how can Hong Kong develop? If people of Hong Kong do not have the sense of recognizing their country and race, how can they seize the opportunity of national development?

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Canada at 2012-05-1070.36.49.*
The pro-Western history is not only often false & biased, it projects the dream, not the reality. Obama & Hillary should have a good hard look at their own country before they starting preaching to other countries. The underbelly of American society is an ugly sight.
PD User at 2012-05-0960.51.54.*
>Liang Liren said that "they only allow using Western ideas to brain-wash people but do not allow using the patriotism"]What ELSE do you think has been happening since Hongkong returned to the motherland? Look at a number of Hongkong TV series and find out for yourself how imperialist propaganda, particularly British propaganda, has permeated this medium in a most shameless fashion. But such tactics seldom work without collusion from the Chinese authorities. The CPC must search its soul and see reality as it is: China - not only Hongkong - is being systematically brainwashed in order to realize the Western dream of fragmenting it into many nations.
For-Love at 2012-05-0927.32.24.*
If there isn"t national pride of their own country and race (nationality), then who are these residents in China (Hong Kong)? Whereas, just being a Hong Kong resident with full of emotional pride being a foreigner or in foreign emotional senses, then the answer for it is "leave China and go where they are permitted". It is a very simple solution and the renouncing of "dual citizenships" should also fit in very well else these "false guys" are staying in China (Hong Kong) to escape taxes such as those being troubled by the new rules and tax laws applicable in the USA and vice versa. Many of them in Hong Kong are always triple-dipping the systems of multiple countries such as those holding UK, Aussie, Kiwi and Chinese (Hong Kong) passports and/or resident permits. Supporting your own national education is compulsory and mandatory, absolutely, though quite a bit too late which should have been a follow-thru consequence of the post hand-over!
PD User at 2012-05-09175.139.124.*
"If people of Hong Kong do not have the sense of recognizing their country and race, how can they seize the opportunity of national development?" This is the opinion from a nameless Chinaman, Hong Kongers fully know they are Chinese and proud, unlike mainlanders who think they are oriental people like the Japs and Koreans. Just like the stupid professor who called all Hong Kongers Dogs, China is failing to understand the socail structure withing Hong Kong, the stress and pressure 8 million people are under with extremely high property prices and extreme competitiveness, China should recognize these social problems instead of making up incidences based on their on bias.

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