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School bus wins a place at auto show

(CRI Online)

16:01, April 27, 2012

Every year, the China Auto Show showcases Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, Mercedes-Benzes, Chryslers, Infinitis, and, of course, pretty girls. But this year, some particularly large vehicles with a famous yellow paint-job are garnering their fair share of attention.

They may not be particularly eye-catching, but they have loads of horsepower and are extremely important for children.

School buses are a highlight at the China Auto Show this year. During the exhibition, domestic and foreign brands are displaying newly designed school buses and other vehicles.

The school buses have a lot in common such as yellow paint, emergency exits, safety belts, reflector tape, stop signs, multiangle cameras and monitors, fire-resistant material and a 360-degree view for drivers.

Other than the common safety features, American school bus manufacturer Navistar has developed its own unique technology for security and safety.

Scott Smay, Director of Navistar, says his company's school buses are not designed to be pretty, but rather to promote safety.

"This bus is equipped with what we call "no child left behind." So at the end of the day when the driver's done and he parks the bus, a beeping warning will go on. He has to walk the complete length of the bus and look for students to make sure that no student is sleeping or forgot to get off the bus. And he has to come back here and push this button before he gets off the bus. "

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