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Pupil, 9, hit in the eye as teacher gets angry

By Xu Chi (Shanghai Daily)

09:18, April 27, 2012

Police in Shanghai are investigating a Chinese teacher who threw a mechanical pencil at a nine-year-old pupil, leaving the pencil's lead sticking into one of his eyes.

After emergency surgery at 2am yesterday at Xinhua Hospital, the pupil, surnamed Dan, said he could sense some light with his injured left eye, but still could not see things clearly.

Doctors said the pencil lead damaged the boy's cornea but hadn't affected the lens of the eye.

He will be kept under observation at the hospital for three to five days, they said.

The incident occurred at the Shuifeng Road Elementary School in Yangpu District during lunchtime on Wednesday when the teacher, surnamed Ma, threw the mechanical pencil at Dan from about a meter away.

Dan said he was being punished because he had been using the mechanical pencil to do his homework.

"Miss Ma has made a class rule requiring us not to use a mechanical pencil when doing homework," said Dan. "I used one when writing and the teacher confiscated the pencil."

Dan said another teacher later returned the pencil to him, but he used it again during lunchtime on Wednesday, and was spotted by Ma.

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