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More cash for rural school buses


16:27, April 26, 2012

The central government will invest more in rural regions to enforce the newly released regulation on school bus safety management, a senior official revealed on Wednesday when communicating with netizens.

Zhao Xiaoguang, a senior official with the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council, who is also in charge of drafting the stipulation, conducted an interview on the central government's website (, taking questions from people online.

A few netizens questioned the funding arrangements for school buses because the regulation says central authorities will establish channels for paying for school buses, with the sum shared by local and central authorities.

Zhao said the regulation has made it clear that both the central and regional governments are legally bound to fund the school bus service and the fiscal department will be preparing a detailed plan.

Zhao said a multiple funding system, as mentioned in the regulation, is a good thing and necessary too.

Social donations will be a good supplement to government investment, especially in the underdeveloped rural areas in central and western China, he said.

Li Guang, the principal of Sifangjing Primary School in a rural area of Southwest China's Guizhou province, said he was pleased to learn that more funds will be invested to provide school bus services in rural regions.

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