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Overseas returnees to get breaks for kids in Shanghai

(Shanghai Daily)

15:55, April 26, 2012

Shanghai natives who return to work in their hometown after finishing overseas education are being offered privileges in local schooling for their children who hold foreign passports, under a new policy passed by the local human resources bureau.

The move is among a package of initiatives to boost employment attraction for senior professionals with overseas educational backgrounds, according to the local government.

With Shanghai natives increasingly interested in returning with their overseas-born and raised children, the new policy was passed to make the city more inviting for them to settle down in.

"This is a newly emerged demand seen in the local market," said an official, surnamed Huang, with the city's human resources bureau.

The policy covers only children holding foreign passports with a parent who has a Shanghai residency permit and has returned after studying abroad. A certificate issued by the Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau must be acquired to entitle the children to the schooling convenience, the bureau officials said.

The policy says the qualified children are entitled to the same rights as their Shanghai native peers in public schooling, including kindergarten, elementary and middle schools. It will mean much lower educational costs for the parents compared to having their children admitted as foreign students in the public schools or sending them to international schools.

The qualified children who have lived overseas for five or more years and have spent less than three years in a "Mandarin language environment" in China can also enjoy lowered thresholds if they choose to sit for entrance exams to enter local senior high schools.

These children will also be treated the same as Shanghai local residents for coverage by basic medical insurance, according to the policy.

Applicants for such certificates can log onto the bureau's official website at to download application forms.


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