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Villages try to attract top talent

By Yan Shuang (Global Times)

08:39, April 20, 2012

The 3,000 village official posts in Beijing's rural areas will be open this year, for the first time, to college graduates who do not have Beijing residency and who graduated from a college outside the capital.

Chinese graduates of foreign universities, if they are Beijing residents and graduated after January 2011, and those from key Chinese universities who passed a public servant exam earlier, can apply for the village official post this year, said the Beijing Human Resource and Social Security Bureau Tuesday.

The new policy allows more college graduates from outside Beijing to join in the construction of rural areas and gain experience into the working life of an official in Beijing's grassroots government.

"We had many Chinese students calling from overseas last year, and we did admit four of them," Yang Gang, a bureau official told the Beijing Daily.

The new policy stipulates that Chinese students who studied abroad are qualified to apply, since the government wants a more international perspective in suggesting new ideas for rural development, Yang said.

"This policy definitely can bring more fresh blood to our village, and ease the pressure for graduates who find job hunting difficult," said Cheng Guanglin, Party Chief of Miaojuan village, Shunyi district. It will be good if graduates from key foreign or Chinese universities can apply he said, since this will help elevate the education level of the village management team.

Cheng said they used to have five college graduates but they had all left, either for other jobs in the city or have started their own businesses.

"We need a graduate official who majored in the liberal arts," he said, explaining that Miaojuan receives thousands of tourists, and he needs someone who is good at organizing activities.

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