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Parents of slain Chinese students visit crime scene


13:59, April 17, 2012

LOS ANGELES, April 16 (Xinhua) -- Parents of the two Chinese students slain last week near the University of Southern California (USC) campus have visited the crime scene and will talk to detectives, police said Monday.

The relatives of 23-year-old graduate students Ming Qu and Ying Wu, who studied electrical engineering at USC, visited the 2700 block of Raymond Avenue in the West Adams area on Sunday, according to Los Angeles Police Commander Andrew Smith.

The parents of both victims talked with the school, police and Chinese officials about the memorial services and possible fundraising efforts.

A meeting with school officials, including those in charge of security and transportation, is scheduled to take place on campus Monday evening.

The Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) encouraged Chinese students to participate in the event to vent their fears over the security and crimes on and off campus.

"I can say that people from across the university have pulled together to address the needs and concerns of the families," Clayton Dube, executive director of USC US-China Institute, told Xinhua. "University leaders, faculty, staff and students have all been involved."

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Ming Chu (US) at 2012-04-1875.247.168.*
As I have had pointed out to inexperienced Chinese newly arrivals to America ......DO NOT SIT TOGETHER in automobile late in morning because the criminals are wary of plain clothes police officers working undercover .....police operation policy sometimes dictate the use of a borrowed expensive-looking car , such as a BMW decoy to entrap the criminal suspects .

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