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Beijing helps 140 migrant workers realize university dream

(Workers' Daily)

15:47, March 28, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

On March 24, the ceremony for the first bath of migrant workers of the “Supporting Plan for Migrant Worker University Students of the Capital” to enter universities was held in Beijing, meaning that 140 migrant workers started their two and a half years of university life.

The tuition of 6,000 yuan per student will be covered by the Beijing Municipal Labors' Union.

The “Supporting Plan” is an educational service platform established by the Beijing Municipal Labors' Union and it is aimed at satisfying migrant workers' requirements of upgrading their educational backgrounds and skills and then realizing the goal of safeguarding migrant workers' career development rights.

In the implementation of the “Supporting Plan,” the candidates are recommended by the public institutions and enterprises where the migrant workers work and the Workers' University of the Beijing Municipal Labors' Union is in charge of tutoring the candidates.

The candidates must pass the national higher education exams for self-taught adults before being matriculated. After that, the migrant worker students will study after work for two and a half years and will get junior college diplomas after their graduations.

Before that, based on in-depth investigations in enterprises and experts' opinions, the Beijing Municipal Labors' Union determined to take construction workers, who are large in number and whose technical abilities and skills need improving badly, as main candidates of the first batch of students of the “Supporting Plan.”

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