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Iphone Siri helps users find prostitutes (2)

By Yin Yeping (Global Times)

08:56, October 29, 2012


Five 'sins' of Apple (Ⅰ): Disregard supplier's pollution
Five 'sins' of Apple (Ⅱ): Ignores copyrighters'appeal
Five 'sins' of Apple (Ⅲ): Erotic information
Five 'sins' of Apple (Ⅳ): Product quality
Five 'sins' of Apple (Ⅴ): Freedom control

Siri seems not to respond well to obscene language, but the English version of the service will interpret "brothel" for escort service, however it is unable to provide any listings.

A Beijing office worker surnamed Zhang told the Global Times that she was shocked when she heard that Siri provided such a service. "Prostitution is illegal in China and Siri seems to be aiding and abetting this illegal activity."

Sina Weibo user "Bill_YK" from Jiangsu Province wrote Saturday that Siri listed 12 establishments with names and addresses when he asked for locations of brothels. He suggested police could use Siri to crack down on prostitution.

"Those words should be blocked and Apple is responsible since it provided direct links to KTV venues or nightclubs," Xiang Ligang, an IT analyst at told the Global Times.

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