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Iphone Siri helps users find prostitutes

By Yin Yeping (Global Times)

08:44, October 29, 2012


Five 'sins' of Apple (Ⅰ): Disregard supplier's pollution
Five 'sins' of Apple (Ⅱ): Ignores copyrighters'appeal
Five 'sins' of Apple (Ⅲ): Erotic information
Five 'sins' of Apple (Ⅳ): Product quality
Five 'sins' of Apple (Ⅴ): Freedom control

Apple is taking heat after some Web users complained they received far too hot a response from Siri - the voice-activated iPhone assistant - when they asked for listings for houses of ill repute.

iPhone users in China, who only recently got the talking service in Putonghua, said when they ask Siri where they could find a prostitution service, it listed several entertainment venues and massage parlors. It has been a hot topic on Sina Weibo for the past week and results seem to vary by location.

Miao Yunping, lawyer from the Beijing Huijia Law Office, told the Global Times that service should be banned due to its pornographic nature. "It's like offering information about where to find a killer. iPhone users have the legal right to ask Apple to block keywords of vile obscenity from in Siri."

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