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Companies swarm into electronic map market

(People's Daily Online)

16:48, October 17, 2012

Apple's maps have been recently blamed by users as they are full of mistakes. Surveys find that the domestic electronic map market, particularly maps on mobile phones, is so hot that it even leads to such issues as copyright infringement, excess error, junk information and even infringement of user privacy.

Insiders said, the map market has a very high access threshold as a matter of fact, but numerous enterprises are swarming into the market and splashing money, only to find no way to earn money. At last, the disordered competition may cause harm to consumer's experience.

Foreign companies have to work with Chinese suppliers in China's map market

Apple recently replaced Google Maps with its own Maps on its new generation operating system iOS6. As Apple Maps was just launched, however, it was blamed by global iPhone users for its full of mistakes. Worse still, Google's President Eric Schmidt even laughed at it by saying, “Apple should know the tough map market this time.”

According to relevant laws and regulations, before starting the map business in China, a foreign-funded enterprise is required to lay out servers for operation and maintenance in China, receive supervision of National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geo-information and then the license for Internet service, and work with qualified local Chinese map data suppliers.

That is to say, neither Google Maps nor Apple Maps is qualified for mapping in China. Therefore, any foreign-funded enterprise has to purchase map data from local Chinese map data suppliers before entering into China's market. Domestic suppliers see huge opportunities from the policy threshold and thus swarming into the market.

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