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Map app of iPhone 5 marks Diaoyu Islands as Chinese

(People's Daily Online)

08:24, September 26, 2012

A map provider for the iPhone 5 has rejected recent online claims that its application marks China's Diaoyu Islands as Japanese territory.

Officials from AutoNavi, the official partner of the iPhone’s maps application in the Chinese market denied the claims from some netizens who said that the map app of the iPhone 5's iOS6 operating system produced by Apple “cedes” the Diaoyu Islands to Japan. AutoNavi said the products launched in the market have been approved universally, and rumors that the iPhone 5’s map app marks the Diaoyu Islands as Japanese territory does not exist at all.

Netizens were all angry at the rumors and they said boycott the iPhone 5 if the rumors are true. "If this is true, I will seal up all of my Apple products and no longer buy them in the future," said a netizen named "Xiao Qing Ting." "Apple is abandoning the entire Chinese market," said another netizen named "Da Zhi Mei."

At the same time, many users who have upgraded their operating system to the IOS6 immediately sought to find the truth, and they found in the map app that the Diaoyu Islands are indeed marked as Chinese territory.

"The first thing I did after upgrading is to find out the ownership of the Diaoyu Islands, and I felt at ease when I found the answer to be China," said a netizen named "Di Di Xiang Yao Fei." "I checked and found in the map app that the Diaoyu Islands do belong to China, do not worry," another netizen named "Xiao Yang Gao" said.

Some users have posted screenshots indicating that the ownership of the Diaoyu Islands in the map app of the iPhone 5 to be sold in Japan remains "unspecified."

"All iPhones released in the Chinese market are examined and approved by the MIIT including the map app, so the rumors are unfounded as it is known to all that the Diaoyu Islands belong to China. Therefore, all users may feel at ease," said AutoNavi officials.

MIIT officials also gave the similar statements. "We do not know about any of the rumors, but we know the Diaoyu Islands belong to China," Apple's customer service representatives in China said, when asked about the “unspecified" status concerning the ownership of the Diaoyu Islands on overseas iPhones.

Read the Chinese version:iPhone5地图"割让"钓鱼岛?中国市场合作商否认

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