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Japan's immunocyte BAK therapy prolongs life of lung cancer patient by 14 yrs

(People's Daily Online)

14:27, September 18, 2012

"At most, he will live for six months." In 1998, a third-phase Japanese cancer patient was “sentenced to death” by his doctor. Now, 14 years have passed, and the 76-year-old patient is not only still alive but very energetic, and he even often plays golf with his friends. He said, "It was the immunocyte BAK therapy that saved me from death."

Is the immunocyte BAK therapy really so magical? With this question, the reporter recently went to Sendai of Japan to find out.

BAK therapy prolongs lives of late-phase cancer patients by 45 months on average

What is the immunocyte BAK therapy? The inventor of the therapy and a professor in Tohoku Fukushi University Doctor Ebina Takusaburo said that this therapy is the fourth cancer therapy and a biotherapy after the operation therapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Detailed procedures: Obtain immunocytes of human body by drawing blood; culture in the lab huge amounts of immunocytes that are able to identify and attack cancer cells; input the immunocytes into the patient to make them devour cancer cells so that the goal of reducing cancer cells or even curing the patient will be realized.

Ebina's research team once carried out following-up investigations on 65 cancer patients. After they accepted the immunocyte BAK therapy, 14 percent of them (six patients) were fully or partly cured, 62 percent of them (26 patients) had their cancer conditions maintained, and 24 percent (10 patients) had their cancer conditions worsened.

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Read the Chinese version:日本免疫细胞BAK疗法 让肺癌患者存活14年
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