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Top scientists to show China's science power

By Chen Lidan (People's Daily Online)

17:07, September 07, 2012

China will demonstrate its leading edge scientific researches and activities at an upcoming international academic event, the organizer disclosed at a press conference held on Friday in Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

The special section will be staged on the second day of the General Conference and the General Meeting of the Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) which is going to open on Sept. 18 in China’s Tianjin.

According the agenda released by organizer, six Chinese scientists representing the forefront of China’s scientific development will introduce the advances in their areas of expertise, including Ouyang Ziyuan, China's chief scientist on lunar exploration program.

"Science and Sustainability" is the subject of TWAS’s general meeting this year. This is the third time for a Chinese city to hold TWAS’s most important event of the year, which comes in the context that the outlook of global economy recovery still remains bleak.

"It means the past development model is outdated and it’s the time for people to pick up the attention to the power of science in the sustainable development," said Cao Jinghua, vice director of CAS’s international bureau.

Besides Chinese scientists, more than 400 scientific heavyweights will attend the meeting. Nobel Prize winner Samuel Chao Chung Ting is invited as special guest to deliver a speech.

Organizer expects the meeting will further promote the scientific cooperation and talent development among developing countries and also hopes China’s role in technological innovation will be lift in the developing countries.


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