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Dreams can challenge any depth, height

(People's Daily Online)

15:28, June 26, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

If you asked a Chinese on June 24 how high their dreams are, the answer would probably be that it is as high as the Tiangong-1 spacecraft and as deep as the Jiaolong submersible. On that day, Chinese people set two new records for flying into the sky and diving into the ocean. The dream of "going to the sky and going to the bottom of the sea" has turned into a reality.

By calmly and precisely completing the manual rendezvous and docking between the Shenzhou-9 and Tiangong-1, an astronaut of the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft Liu Wang has set the record of a Chinese astronaut "driving a spacecraft" for the first time. Three Chinese submariners including Ye Cong have also driven the Jiaolong submersible to the depth of 7,000 meters under the sea surface in the Mariana Trench of the Western Pacific, setting the deepest record of China's manned submergence in the deepest ocean trench of the world, and even setting the deepest record of the scientific research submergence of the same kind of the world.

It means that the Jiaolong submersible, which is less than 10 meters long, is already able to reach 99 percent of the bottom of the boundless ocean of the world.

If we say that looking up at the sky means the human's ideal of exploring unknowns of the sky, then looking down at the ocean means the human's ideal of exploring the mysteries of the ocean. The Jiaolong, with the dream of exploring the deep ocean, successfully reached a depth of 7,000 meters under the sea surface. It was a new breakthrough and important leap of the deep sea technology and it means that the human's deep sea dream has reached a new level. The human always tries to reveal mysteries on origins of the earth and itself, and maybe exploring the deep sea is a key for unlocking the door of the dream.

Comparing to the human's knowledge on the universe, the human's knowledge on the deep sea, which the human's survival depends on, is actually not more and probably is less. The deep sea world tens of thousands of meters under the sea surface is dark, cold and lonely. However, the seemingly desolate environment is actually a colorful, beautiful and amazing world of lives, where survival stories that are different from these on the continent are also showing. In the deep sea, there are living beings in the high-temperature environment and these living beings can breathe toxic gases such as sulfur dioxide like living beings on the continent breathing oxygen. A submariner Tang Jialing, who once reached a depth of 6,900 meters in a Jiaolong submersible, said that, "The human has left more foot prints on the moon than on these places. I felt like reaching an alien planet in a spacecraft."

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Read the Chinese version: 梦想可以挑战任何深度
Source: People's Daily, author: Yu JIanbin


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Huo Wangding at 2012-06-2692.40.253.*
Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person.I also have dream to contribute to human knowledge and betterment like heavenly Tiangong and magical Jialong.Heaven bless all humans.

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