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“China Game” debuts at expo in Los Angeles


13:47, June 08, 2012

LOS ANGELES, June 6 (Xinhua) -- "China Game," a delegation of Chinese game companies made its debut Wednesday at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

The delegation, led by China's National Base for International Cultural Trade and in collaboration with the Toonmax Expo Corp., a Chinese joint venture, consisted of seven Chinese game companies.

Most of the companies are based in Shanghai and are new to the world's largest game expo that was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 5 to 7.

"This is the first time that we brought so many Chinese game companies as a delegation to the E3; And we are very excited because we feel the great energy and dynamics here," said Jie Chen, deputy general manager of Toonmax Expo Co.

Chen said interaction with American companies and attendees has been strong.

"They are pretty interested in our products and markets," Chen said. "In terms of business cooperation, there are two major ways: find partners here in the US to promote China' s game products, and find vendors here to develop game products that fit in the Chinese markets."

This year's E3 brought nearly 200 exhibitors from all over the world with new products and presentations.


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