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New media era for China

By Zhang Yiwu (People's Daily)

16:25, May 16, 2012

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

China's media environment is undergoing profound changes due to new technologies and social development. Such changes have brought both opportunities and challenges to the public and society.

First, new media centered on social networking and online shopping have changed the way people live and disseminate information, bringing about a profound transformation of the Internet and traditional media. Both micro-blogs that are mainly used for sharing information and opinions as well as social networking sites that focus on facilitating communication between different circles are virtual interpersonal relations-centered Internet services.

They have changed the way people disseminate information, create topics, and set agendas. The previous top-down traditional media-centered mode of information dissemination has been replaced by a decentralized multi-center mode. Unlike before when hot topics were often created by print and electronic media, it is now common that micro-blogs first create topics, and electronic media then release follow-up reports. Micro-blogs are increasingly becoming a working platform for traditional media workers. In addition, popular culture and entertainment is also undergoing profound changes.

Second, Chinese society is facing some new problems brought about by rapid development such as interests diversification and social divide. The clashes of interests between the grassroots and elites and between the rich and poor are all reflected on the Internet, creating complex public opinion. It is important to help different social groups coexist harmoniously and promote communication, understanding, and integration among these groups. Enhancing people's happiness and allowing them equal access to the fruits of development is an important goal of current media.

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