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China should quicken application of supercomputers

(People's Daily)

16:11, May 15, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Editor's Note: With the rapid development of IT industry in recent years, the goal of "smart China" is no longer out of reach. People's work and life are also undergoing tremendous changes.

However, since the promotion of the construction of the "smart city" and "smart China," the phenomenon of lack of wisdom also appears, such as emphasis on hardware over software, emphasis on construction over application and repeated construction of infrastructure, which affected the efficiency and quality of construction of "smart China." The serial reports titled "Make 'smart China' Wiser" gave an analysis to the existed problems.

Dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd. has recently signed an agreement with Chongqing, announcing the launch of construction of Chongqing Supercomputer Center. With the Changsha Supercomputer Center, which will be finished and put into operation in the end of 2012, the Shanghai Supercomputer Center, the Shenzhen Supercomputer Center, the Tianjin Supercomputer Center and the Jinan Supercomputer Center, which have been put into operation, the eastern, middle and western of China will achieve all coverage of supercomputers.

As the brain of modern science and technology, the supercomputer is the critical infrastructure of the information society and plays an irreplaceable role in the scientific research and production. The construction of supercomputers centers is certainly important but it is more important to make good use of them. Many experts said in the interview that though more supercomputers, faster computing speed and higher performance, China cannot become a supercomputer power if it has a low quality application.

Compared with the high performance of the supercomputer, its application is really poor, which is worthy of attention.

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