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China's first deep-water drilling platform --- CNOOC 981

(Science and Technology Daily)

08:12, May 15, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

At 9:38 am, May 9, China's first deep-water drilling platform CNOOC 981 successfully completed its first drilling on the South China Sea, and the drill reached the layer of the ground 1,500 meters under the sea surface in the 6-1 area of the Li Bay of the South China Sea. It is the first time that China has carried out deep-water oil and gas exploitation independently, indicating that the deep-water strategy of China's offshore oil industry has taken a practical step.

Largest man-made equipment of history

It is so large! This is almost all people's first impression of the CNOOC 981 If it were fixed up by anchor chains above the center of Beijing, the anchor chains, pipes and lines used would cover all districts within the Sixth Ring of Beijing. It is not exaggerated at all to call it the largest man-made equipment of history.

According to the China National Offshore Oil Corporation, the CNOOC 981 is equipped with eight 44,000-kilowatt diesel generators whose total capacity can support the electricity consumption of a medium-sized city. It has eight thrusters, and the power of each of them is equal to that of five locomotives.

It integrates high-grade, high-precision, advanced technologies

Under the giant appearance of the CNOOC 981 is a combination of globally first-class design ideas, technologies and equipment. Its "high-grade, high-precision and advanced" content is amazing, especially its "six tops of the world."

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