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China, foreign countries competing for mobile Internet market

(People's Daily Overseas Edition)

17:04, May 14, 2012

(People's Daily Overseas Edition)

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

China becomes the market center

Mobile Internet is expanding as a delicious cake, and China is the most conspicuous.

In 2011, the number of mobile Internet users in China increased by 17.5 percent to 356 million. In addition, statistics from iResearch suggested that the 2011 market size of mobile Internet in China increased by 97.5 percent to 39.3 billion yuan, and it is expected to increase 148 percent in 2012.

"China has now become the world's undisputed mobile Internet market center. Over half of the world's mobile terminals are made in China. Two of the world's top 10 mobile phone operators belong to China. And the user base of Mobile Internet is greater in China than elsewhere in the world," the CEO of UCWeb Yu Yongfu said.

With the proliferation of 3G in China and the release of smart phones especially those as inexpensive as around 1,000 yuan, it is glaringly apparent that China's 1 billion mobile phone user base will switch to the Mobile Internet. And this will definitely promote the growth of Mobile Internet.

China and foreign countries compete for the Chinese market

In light of the market prospects and trends already known, gaining a foothold quickly in the Chinese mobile market becomes a common choice to both Chinese and foreign enterprises.

In China, Mobile Internet sees greater investment in it from the new Mobile Internet companies and start-ups, traditional desktop Internet companies, and from the communications manufacturers.

Tencent CEO Ma Huateng said that Tencent is very positive about the prospect of Mobile Internet, and that his company is planning and trying actively. Tencent's efforts in Weixin last year did achieve remarkable results.

The communications equipment manufacturer Huawei has also began to venture into the smart phone. "We are focusing our resources on the smart phone area, and achieves rapid growth each year," said Yu Chengdong, board chairman of Huawei Device Inc.

Chinese companies are not the only optimists about the Chinese market. International companies are keen enough to direct their attention.

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