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China's first deep-water rig to drill in South China Sea


08:26, May 08, 2012

Photo taken on May 7, 2012 shows the sixth-generation semi-submersible CNOOC 981 at the South China Sea in China, 320 kilometers southeast of Hong Kong, south China.(Xinhua/Jin Liangkuai)

The CNOOC 981 will begin operations in a sea area at a water depth of 1,500 meters, China National Offshore Oil Corp. (CNOOC) said in a press release. This is the first deep-water drilling rig developed in China.

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Yang Aiguo at 2012-05-09175.141.110.*
China should drill hundreds of oil wells within the U-shape area of the South China Sea claimed by China but not within 200 miles of other countries economic zones to avoid quarrels with them. Once the wells are pumpimg out oil, it does not matter if other countries start to claim islands nearly as theirs because then China"s maritime enforcement agencies or necessarily China"s navy will deter any other countries" navy including Japan from any action to attack or take over the oil wells.
Ken New Orleans at 2012-05-0870.180.94.*
Congratulations on the deepwater drilling rig. Please be super careful and take all precautions so as not to have a disaster like the BP well in the Gulf of Mexico.

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