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Ministers of major economies urged to speed developing clean energy


14:03, April 26, 2012

LONDON, April 25 (Xinhua) -- Ministers from 23 leading economies gathered in London as the third Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM3) conference started on Wednesday, in which they were urged by the International Energy Agency (IEA) to speed developing clean energy.

The CEM3 conference aims at accelerating the world's transition to clean energy technologies, and is co-chaired by British Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Edward Davey and U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu.

Two things "sit at the heart of this summit", said Davey in his opening speech, the first being investment. "Our challenge is to make sure investment in clean energy soars, even if the wider economy is sluggish," he said.

The second is ambition, Davey added. "We need to be more ambitious in the way we communicate. We need to make the medium and long-term case, even when people are preoccupied by short-term impacts."

IEA Deputy Executive Director Richard Jones presented a report which urges aggressive policy action to take full advantage of the benefits offered by clean energy technologies to combat climate change.

"Energy-related CO2 emissions are at historic highs. Under current policies, we estimate that energy use and CO2 emissions would increase by a third by 2020, and almost double by 2050. This would likely send global temperatures at least 6 degree Celsius higher," said Jones.

"Such an outcome would confront future generations with significant economic, environmental and energy security hardships - a legacy that I know none of us wishes to leave behind," he added.

The two-day CEM3 conference will cover issues such as energy efficiency, electric vehicles and bioenergy.


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