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Chinese Arctic expedition to go through Northeast Passage

(Guangzhou Daily)

16:50, March 20, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The fifth Chinese Arctic exploration, which is to set off in early July, will go through the Northeast Passage for the first time, Liu Cigui, director general of the State Oceanic Administration, said recently.

Liu said that it is the first comprehensive exploration in the arctic regions during the 12th Five- Year Plan. China will dispatch scientific researchers in batches to the Chinese Arctic Huanghe Station to carry out surrounding scientific exploration tasks on subjects including atmospheric, glaciology, geology, biology, high altitude atmospheric physics and oceanography sciences from April 2012.

The Arctic Passages are composed of two passages, which are the Northwest Passage in coastal Canada and the Northeast Passage in coastal Siberia. Most sections of the Northeast Passage lay in the Arctic Ocean offshore areas of northern Russia.


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