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China to conduct 5th Arctic expedition in 2012


09:20, March 06, 2012

BEIJING, March 5 (Xinhua) -- Chinese scientists will conduct their fifth Arctic expedition this year, said a senior official with the State Oceanic Administration here Monday.

China would like to enhance cooperation with other countries, including Canada and Iceland, in exploring the Arctic and push forward the implementation of joint research agreements, said Lu Bin, senior official with the SOA and deputy to the 11th National People's Congress, on the sidelines of the country's parliamentary session.

The country sent its fourth expedition to the Arctic in 2010.

This year China plans to finish building Kunlun Station, the third of its kind, in Antarctica, he said.

The country would like to engage in more affairs of both the Arctic and Antarctica, he said.

China's 28th expedition to the Antarctica is on its way home after the research work is done.

The SOA has already started to organize a new Antarctic expedition, Lu said.


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