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Samsung announces Galaxy Tab 2


15:25, February 14, 2012

BEIJING, Feb. 14 (Xinhuanet) -- South Korea's Samsung announced Monday Galaxy Tab 2, a new 7-inch tablet which will run Android Ice Cream Sandwich and feature Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi with 3G options.

The Galaxy Tab 2 has an improved UI that should allow for quicker access to customers's favorite apps, a recommendation feature on the home screen that suggests apps customers might like, as well as access to Samsung’s new AllShare Play cloud service.

The latest Galaxy tablet seems quite similar to the 7-inch Galaxy Tab 7.0 with incredibly familiar specs and actually worse camera, but comes wrapped in ICS, which is a considerable upgrade.

As its standout feature, the big to-do is around ICS. It is something of a major makeover for Android devices. Still, it’s a strange niche that Samsung is launching a new tablet virtually only to outfit it with ICS.

Apple and Samsung, whose devices are powered by Google's Android software, are currently involved in lengthy and costly patent fights being waged on several continents.

Availability and pricing have yet to be released, maybe, the latest Galaxy Tab will be dirt cheap.


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