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Google removes offensive webpages as ordered by Indian court


14:20, February 07, 2012

NEW DELHI, Feb. 7 (Xinhua) -- The U.S.-based search giant Google has told a trial court in the Indian capital that it has removed certain offensive webpages from the web in compliance with the court's order, local media reported Tuesday.

Google India informed the court of additional civil judge Praveen Singh that as per its directions, the search giant has removed the contents, the daily The Times of India reported.

The court had last December directed Google and 21 other websites, many foreign-based, to remove all the objectionable content in the form of photographs, videos or texts which might hurt religious sentiments.

Meanwhile, Facebook India told the court that it does not control or operate the servers that host the website available at, which are located in the United States.

In fact, the court's order was in the wake of a civil case filed by a man who sought removal of "anti-religious" or "anti- social" content in the form of photographs, videos or texts which might hurt religious sentiments.

While Facebook and Google India filed their compliance reports, Yahoo! and Microsoft filed applications for deletion of their names from the civil complaint stating that there was no allegation against them of webcasting any objectionable content, the report said.

After the hearing, the court directed the accused to file compliance report within 15 days from the date of the order while fixing the matter for further arguments on March 1.


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