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China to push forward human spaceflight projects in next five years: white paper


12:17, December 29, 2011

BEIJING, Dec. 29 (Xinhua) -- China will push forward human spaceflight projects and make new technological breakthroughs, creating a foundation for future human spaceflight, according to a white paper titled "China's Space Activities in 2011" issued Thursday.

During the next five years, China will launch the Shenzhou-9 and Shenzhou-10 spaceships and achieve unmanned or manned rendezvous and docking with the in-orbit Tiangong-1 vehicle, said the white paper released by the Information Office of the State Council.

In addition, China will launch space laboratories, manned spaceship and space freighters, make breakthroughs in and master space station key technologies, including astronauts' medium-term stay, regenerative life support and propellant refueling. It will conduct studies on the preliminary plan for a human lunar landing.

According to the white paper, China will build a stronger space transportation system, keep improving its launch vehicle series, and enhance their capabilities of entering space.

It will enhance the reliability and adaptability of launch vehicles in service, develop new-generation launch vehicles and their upper stages, and implement the first flight of the Long March-5, Long March-6 and Long March-7 launch vehicles.

The paper said China will build a space infrastructure frame composed of Earth observation satellites, communications and broadcasting satellites, plus navigation and positioning satellites, and will develop a preliminary long-term, sustained and stable service capability.

It aims at developing and launching new-generation GEO meteorological satellites, stereo mapping satellites, radar satellites for environment and disaster monitoring, electromagnetic monitoring test satellites, and other new-type Earth observation satellites.

It will make breakthroughs in key technologies for interferometric synthetic-aperture radar and gravitational field measurement satellites, initiate a high-resolution Earth observation system and establish a stable all-weather, 24-hour, multi-spectral, various-resolution Earth observation system.

China carries out deep-space exploration in stages, with limited goals.It will launch orbiters for lunar soft landing, roving and surveying to implement the second stage of lunar exploration.

According to the paper, China will further improve its satellite application and service system, expand satellites application scope, and promote the national new strategic industries, to meet demands of national economic and social development.


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citizen2000 at 2011-12-3098.224.220.*
American law requires that any export of technology that helps China"s space or missile programs must be approved by the White House but American universities use loopholes in the law to give China all kinds of technology. University of Michigan faculty have gone to China and lectured on anti-satelite weapon technology and cruise missile technology and Chinese scientist have come to Michigan to study ballistic missile nose cone technology.

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