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Transgenic fish helps expand protein sources

By Hu Qifeng (Guangming Daily)

16:31, December 09, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Scientists predict that the ocean will providea large portion of the protein in people's diets in the future, but it is hard to increase the output of marine products, such as fish, clams and shrimp, by traditional breeding and sea farming measures.

Scientists said at a recent conference that the development of genetically modified marine animals and plants could be a possible way to solve this issue.

The 59th New Viewpoint and New Theory Academic Salon of the China Association for Science and Technology was held recently in Qingdao.

The Special Biotechnology Committee under the China Society of Fisheries held the salon and its theme was "Opportunities and Challenges for the Development of Transgenic Aquatic Animals and Plants." Zhu Zuoyan, leading scientist at the salon and academician from Chinese Academy of Sciences introduced the research background and progress of the transgenic fish.

He said that the transgenic technology is to upgrade the traditional breeding measures in nature. He hoped that relevant experts could devote themselves into the development of the transgenic technology and research and develop more high-yielding and high-quality aquatic products.

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