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China’s CPUs power second fastest computer

(Global Times)

10:59, November 01, 2011

A supercomputer equipped with China-made CPUs has been officially unveiled as the second fastest computer in the nation, according to statistics announced at the National Annual Conference on High Performance Computing held in Jinan, Shandong Province, from Wednesday to Friday.

According to the Top 100 list of Chinese supercomputers released at the conference, the Sunway BlueLight Massively Parallel Processor, which boasts a full complement of domestic microprocessor chips, has become the second fastest supercomputer in the country.

The supercomputer is composed of 8,700 Shenwei SW 1600 microprocessors, the third generation CPU designed by the Jiangnan Insititute of Computing Technology and manufactured in Shanghai, according to, the official website of Beijing-based Guangming Daily.

The BlueLight supercomputer makes China the third country to adopt independently-developed CPU to build its supercomputers that perform about 1,000 trillion calculations per second, claimed.

The BlueLight system was installed in September at the National Supercomputer Center in Jinan, one of the three supercomputing centers approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology in China, according to

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miketheman at 2011-11-0181.206.61.*
China/Chinese: keep Europe in debt, a weak Europe is good for the most of the world!Do NOT bail europe out.
helen at 2011-11-01141.0.9.*
China-made CPUs will soon overtake those in the Western countries and will claim firsts in many more things to come.We shall not be sidetracked nor demonised and we Chinese will carve our own paths in the New Multipolar World Order.For too long now, the Chinese have been trampled and despised. Time is on the Chinese side and the CPC will continue to lead the country and the Chinese people to greater heights ....

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