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World keeps close watch on China’s Shenzhou-8

By Chen Lidan (People's Daily Online)

06:50, November 01, 2011

Beijing, Nov.1 (PD Online) -- China's successful launch of spacecraft Shenzhou-8 on Tuesday morning grabs the close attention of the major English-language news media.

The Associated Press said in its report that Tuesday's blast-off is “the latest step in what will be a decade-long effort by China to place a manned permanent space station in orbit”.

Reuters held the same view with AP's and pointed out that the following-up space docking that set to conduct in next few days "will be a major test of the rising power's ability to win a long-term foothold in space."

BBC introduced the structure of Tiangong-1 space lab module and China's first space station plan on its site. It also reviewed several significant achievements China made on its way to a booming space power.

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Joseph in the USA at 2011-11-0476.20.24.*
Congratulations on a brilliant and important space technology development success! Rendezvous and docking is an important and basic technique that will allow China to build its space station, and eventually to explore deep space. My best wishes for continued success!
PD User at 2011-11-0376.199.64.*
Good Job! More work ahead!
PD User at 2011-11-02220.255.2.*
Well said !Long Live China !!!
eed at 2011-11-02120.165.15.*
China has proven its space technology to those without begging the U.S. to join the ISS, hopefully the docking and other key stages can be passed smoothly, because the world is putting great expectations into China to be successful, or even surpass the U.S.
helen at 2011-11-01141.0.9.*
Congratulations Again Motherland China!You make us proud wherever we might be.Let"s the United States have its sour grapes and let"s them continue to demonise China and the Chinese people. One cannot change their upbringing and their culture of racism.China and the Chinese people will never lose out to others in terms of businesses, science & technology ....China will continue to catch up, emulate and surpass others!

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