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Alibaba unveils cloud computing products

(China Economic Net)

15:32, October 28, 2011

Edited and Translated by Han Shasha, People's Daily Online

Financial services giant Alibaba unveiled its new line of cloud computing products at the Alibaba Cloud Computing Developers’ Conference on Oct. 24.

“Considering the large user base of Alibaba's financial services, we would have to set up nearly 500 servers and assign more than 20 workers to maintain the servers. With Alibaba Cloud Computing, we just need to pay rent for those servers and assign four workers to do the same work. It has greatly reduced our operation costs,” said Hu Xiaoming, general manager of Alibaba Group's microfinance branch company, praising the great role of cloud computing in boosting technological innovation in the field of microfinance.

In this conference, the Alibaba Cloud Computing Company officially launched its cloud computing products and services, including the Aliyun Developer Platform, Open Table Service, Relational Database Service, Open Storage Service Aliyun Email Box and Aliyun Search Engine, covering various areas of the Cloud Computing.

Wang Jian, the chief architect of the Alibaba Group, said that cloud computing will be an important force promoting the wireless reform of the Internet. Could computing has many advantages, such as high flexibility, high efficiency, low cost and high reliability. It is especially suitable for Internet developers to realize rapid innovations and could reduce IT costs by more than one-third.

A manager from the Alibaba Cloud Computing Company said that the cloud computing of the company is already able to provide mature computing, storage, searching, email, rendering and data mining services for developers and customers and is able to help developers save the development time, reduce maintenance cost and improve the reliability of the system. More than 3,000 companies and organizations, including the Taobao, ShopEx, Alibaba Finance, HiChina Zhicheng Technology and Tsinghua University, have already started to use the cloud computing services.


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