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US medical academy names first Chinese mainland member

(People's Daily Online)

16:32, October 18, 2011

Wang Cunyu (C), who came from the Chinese mainland, works at a UCLA laboratory on Oct. 16, 2011. (Xinhua/Yang Lei)

Edited and Translated by Li Zhenyu, People's Daily Online

America's Institute of Medicine of the National Academies (IOM) released the roster of the newly-appointed academicians on Oct. 17, 2011 and Wang Cunyu, who is from the Chinese mainland, was on the list.

It marked the first time ever that a scientist from the Chinese mainland was given the title of academician by the IOM since China's reform and opening up.

Wang's research focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms of inflammation, apoptosis and oncogenesis.

He has published numerous influential medical papers in such first-class international academic journals as Science magazine and Nature Medicine and is considered to be one of the few top-notch international scholars at the forefront of oral biology.

The 48-year-old Wang graduated from Nanjing Medical University and Peking University Health Science Center prior to pursuing further education in the U.S. in 1990.

The IOM announced the names of 65 new members and five foreign associates today in conjunction with its 41st annual meeting. Election to the IOM is considered one of the highest honors in the fields of health and medicine and recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding professional achievement and commitment to service.

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