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Chinese company showcases Cloud tech

(Global Times)

09:30, October 14, 2011

Chinese enterprises jostled for attention with international IT giants offering Cloud Computing solutions at the Gulf Information and Technology Exhibition, which opened Sunday in Dubai.

Cloud Computing describes a process where users share the same server simply through software.

Huawei Technologies, a well-known Chinese global information and communications technology solutions provider, demonstrated its latest Cloud Computing solutions at the exhibition.

"Huawei is moving from the traditional telecommunication enterprise and will carry out business restructuring with more emphasis attached to Cloud Computing," Ron Raffensperger, director of Cloud Computing Marketing at Huawei Technologies, was quoted as saying by the Xinhua News Agency.

At the exhibition, Microsoft for the first time introduced the Office 365, a software based on Cloud Computing.

Deng Hua, executive director of OPzoon, a Chinese network equipment provider, told the Global Times that more and more IT companies in China have begun research and development on Cloud Computing.

China lags behind both in terms of the maturity of software development and Cloud Computing talents, according to Deng. "But we have a good environment for Cloud Computing exploitation, such as the developed IT manufacturing industry and the number of Internet users, which is large enough to support the development of Cloud Computing," Deng said, adding that his company is yet to finish developing its own Cloud Computing product.


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matt bancroft at 2011-10-20203.81.194.*
chinese companieshave been lagging behind when it comes to cloud computing but now companies like Huawei Technologies are stepping in the cloud market, things are about to be different chk this article out to see which companies are growing in terms of cloud computing

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