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China to kick-start Internet biz development

(People's Daily)

15:11, August 24, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

At the 2011 China Internet Conference, which was held in Beijing on Aug. 23, a top government official said that the government would take steps to use the Internet as a means to transform the nation’s economy.

Miao Wei, the minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, claimed at the conference that henceforth they would promote the development of the Internet and utilize it to support and facilitate the transformation of the development mode of China's economy and to promote the restructuring of industry. Miao said the Internet can be conducive to the development of the economy and society as well as the improvement of people's lives.

Miao said the ministry will develop the Internet in four aspects. First, they will accelerate development and popularized applications, especially network infrastructure construction. They will produce a safe and credible information communication network infrastructure on the basis of broadband technology, mobile technology, IPV6 technology and the network structure optimization.

Second, they will enhance the exploration and popularization of new Internet technology and business, and acquire the key technologies, such as the Internet, the Internet of Things and next-generation cloud computing.

Third, they will accelerate the penetration and diffusion of Internet technology and business inside various industries; promote Internet applications in the service industry, and support the rapid development of producer services industries, such as the network financial industry, modern logistics and high-tech services as well as consumer services, such as trade services and tourism.

Fourth, they will strengthen the management of the Internet and the safety of information; enhance special control and self-discipline; improve capabilities of avoiding, realizing and dealing with Internet and information safety problem, and create a healthy and cultural Internet environment.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will actively promote a multilateral, democratic and transparent International Internet basic resources management system and facilitate the balanced development of the Internet all over the world.


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