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Education ministry helps poor students enter colleges

(People's Daily)

16:19, August 22, 2011

Edited and Translated by Han Shasha, People's Daily Online

Students from poor backgrounds will receive help to attend university with the "six guarantees" from the Ministry of Education.

To make sure that all the students, especially the poor ones, can receive higher education, the Ministry of Education requires that all local education departments attach great importance to providing aid for poor students and to implement the "six guarantees."

The "six guarantees" are: All departments are responsible for guaranteeing that financial aid allocated for college education should be in place; fully implementing the “Green Channel" policy that allows students to register for colleges regardless of their financial situation; timely allotting grants; quickly providing loans to those who need them; providing consultations to students as well as accepting complaints.; vigorously publicizing those policies.

The Ministry of Education asks the local colleges to strictly follow those requirements and withdraw enough money from the undertaking revenue to aid the poor students. The colleges should take effective measures to encourage donations from social circles to develop the funding channels. Any kinds of misappropriation, embezzlement should be prohibited.

Colleges should set up the "Green Channel" to enable poor students to register for college first and pay tuition later with the help of subsidized loans and reduced fees. After the students enter the college, the college should provide grants to the poor students and give them some subsidies for living expenses.

Colleges should work with county-level students financing aid management agencies and local banks to manage the student loans. Furthermore, colleges should strengthen the education in honesty and credibility for those who apply for the student loans. Local education departments and colleges should open a channel for the students and society to listen to their complaints and provide consultations. The departments and colleges should duly check and deal with the complaints.

The Ministry of Education will continue to operate a special telephone service to help poor college students from Aug. 15 to Sept. 15. The open time and number of the hotlines for poor students in the provincial education departments and colleges have been reported to the national student financial aid management center.

With the beginning of the new school year, the Ministry of Educations and other relevant departments will inspect the implementation of the "six guarantees."


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m fayaz at 2012-01-19182.177.75.*
i am a student i want get education but i am very poor any one avaliable who help with me
VsEkczgeEJdbi at 2011-09-12119.46.111.*
That"s not even 10 mniuets well spent!
YKYSxpvMBfyP at 2011-09-0450.16.145.*
Now we know who the snesbile one is here. Great post!
bEshPofK at 2011-09-03190.229.184.*
Hey hey hey, take a gnaedr at what" you"ve done

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