Cuban leader accuses U.S. of trying to murder him

Cuban leader Fidel Castro has accused U.S. President George W. Bush of ordering his murder, the official daily Granma reported Monday.

The plan was prepared even before Bush won the 2001 election, Castro said in an article published in the newspaper.

It was reported that there have been more than 600 attempted attacks on the Cuban leader's life

"It is really hard to name all those responsible for the attacks on my life. All direct and indirect forms were used," said Castro.

In August 2000, Castro denounced Bush's relationship with the Cuban American mafia in Miami, which he said has tried to assassinate him for several times.

He said Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, two former U.S. presidents, had not organized such attacks.

"I am sure that Carter, because of his religion-based ethical values, would have never ordered an assassination against me," Castro said. "I am sure Clinton would not have ordered it. I cannot imagine him signing such an order."

Source: Xinhua

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