Indonesian man faces 10 years in jail for restaurant bombing

UPDATED: 19:33, June 25, 2007

The Indonesian prosecutors Monday recommended a 10-year imprisonment for a man who has exploded a pipe bomb at "A and W" fast food restaurant in Jakarta in

November 2006.

Muhammad Nuh, 37, is charged with the country's tough anti-terror law that carries the maximum sentence of death for the attack on the restaurant that sells American food at a Jakarta mall, according to the indictment read by Prosecutor Robert Simbolon.

Nuh, who is described by local media as a withdrawn mechanic with no history of links with any terror group, was the only person injured in the minor blast after he detonated the explosive device made of ammonium nitrate and ball bearings.

But"his action has disturbed the national stability," said Simbolon.

He allegedly has made the device himself.

Nuh's lawyer Muhammad Solihin said after the trial at the East Jakarta District Court the prosecutors were overreacted against Nuh with such a heavy demand.

"My client carried out (the bombing) just for popularity. The defendant doesn't belong to any terror group," Solihin told leading news website Detikcom.

Source: Xinhua

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