UAE's Dubai to introduce new services for heart patients: paper

UPDATED: 18:29, June 25, 2007

Dubai Ambulance Services Center will soon introduce new services to streamline the rescue of heart patients in collaboration with Dubai police, UAE's local newspaper Khaleej Times reported on Monday.

Experiments are being conducted on the new services for heart patients on the basis of an initiative to establish an electronic link between the Operation Room of Dubai Police and heart patients in critical condition, said the report.

Under one program, heart patients will be provided with small size alarm devices linked with the police operation room, which will help them call the ambulance by pressing a button.

Officials in the police operation room will be able to determine the location of the patient using the geographic information system and send the ambulance to the patient.

A second system includes programming of the patient's mobile phone, linking it to the police operation room. On pressing the button of their mobile phones or calling 999, a message will go to a family member of the patient, emergency center and ambulance car which will be rushed to the patient's house.

Dubai Ambulance Services Center is also working in collaboration with Dubai police to set up a database, which will include heart patients with crucial cases so that rescue teams could reach the locations of the patients and has full information about the patient's health condition.

Dubai, one of the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is a financial and shopping center in the Middle East region.

Source: Xinhua

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