Linux becomes mature and achieves excellence

UPDATED: 17:00, June 25, 2007

In recent years, the world's leading software and hardware providers such as IBM and Intel are rushing to do compatibility testing and quality authentication with China's local Linux products. It indicates that China's brand of Linux has become established and realized excellence, according Lu Shouqun, president of the China Open Source Software Promotion Union at the "Summit Forum of Open Source action and China's information industry development" held on June 21st in Guangzhou.

Xiaohua, director of the ministry's Electronic Information Management Department, said that since the 1990s, an Open Source movement represented by Linux has been springing up vigorously, bringing goods development opportunities to China's software industry. To utilize Linux as a bridge to develop independent and secure basic software, to improve the independent developing capability of the software industry, has become one of the important strategic moves of China's software industry development.

Therefore, China had made great efforts to promote the development of the Open Source software industry, represented by Linux in China; and to use the Electronic Expansion Fund to organize and arrange the programs. It also made efforts to support the development and the industrialization of Linux and other Open Source software, and to vigorously promote the construction of the Linux public services platform to provide public services for industrial development.

Recently, the national local Linux enterprises have been constantly growing, and their competitiveness also continued to increase. According to the 2005 statistics 2005, among the local enterprises, Red Flag Software Co., Ltd. (Red Flag Software) ranked first with a market share of 32.1 percent-higher than that of foreign enterprises Novell and Red Hat.

According to statistics from the China Open Source Software Promotion Union, Linux's sales in the Chinese market reached 218 million Yuan in 2006, up 41 percent, and higher than the international average. In 2006, in the domestic market, seven million computers in the domestic market were signed up for pre-installation of Linux, making up 35 percent of the computers in the Chinese market. This all demonstrates that Linux has great development potential. Some domestic Linux manufacturers are also collaborating with international IT companies to constantly improve their product lines. The domestic brand, Linux, has essentially matured.

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